Carol H Gilbert Consulting is currently holding in-person classes. Class sizes are limited, and the use of a face covering is required during the class. Some activities have been eliminated or modified to avoid contact and extended interaction with other students. We are taking reservations for on-site classes. If you have several people in need of certification, please contact us for additional information.

Supervisory Skill Development for Managers

Need help building the bridge and connecting communication and skills between your organization and your managers?

Our Training

Supervisory Skill Development is an interactive solution to address these skills. The series of 4-workshops is designed to provide Supervisors, Team Leaders, and Managers with training in specific skills to maximize performance while working under pressure.


Today’s Supervisors are relied upon to accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently while balancing many priorities. Work loads have increased, and time is short. Supervisors are expected to get the job done with fewer employees and less time to adequately train new staff.

Learning Objectives:​

#1 Communication and Team Building

  • – Identify traits of an effective team
  • – Understand communication styles
  • – Recognize ways to reward staff
  • #2 Organization and Time Management
  • – Analyze time wasters, identify savers
  • – Classify organization
  • – Practice effective time management and organization
  • #3 Leadership Development
  • – Examine leader styles and traits
  • – Identify effective leadership qualities
  • – Establish personal growth strategies
  • #4 Evaluation and Performance Appraisals
  • – Distinguish between discipline and performance appraisals
  • – Review and understand YOUR evaluation tool
  • – Honest and meaningful feedback

Presented Nationally

– SNA ANC 2019, St. Louis, Missouri

– SNA ANC 2018, Las Vegas Nevada

– SNA ANC 2017 Atlanta, Georgia

– SNA of New Jersey 2017 Atlantic City, NJ

– SNA Missouri 2017 St. Louis, MO

– Richmond Public Schools 2017 Richmond, VA

– Minneapolis Public Schools 2019, Minneapolis, MN